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As dental coaches and dental consultants, we are on a mission to turn every independent dental practice into a masterful business of teamwork, leadership, and process excellence. Turning an excellent job into a value-packed business for the owners and team members.

Dental Coaches optimize all 5 business engines

We work with dental practices to improve all 5 of the business engines that drive their practice.

  • Financial
  • Organizational & Processes
  • Teams & People
  • Clinical & Technology
  • Sales & Marketing.

We bring expertise and experience in the right areas to insure you get the improvements in your practice to achieve the goals you want, while working smarter and not harder.

Practice Management Specialist

We analyze the various engines in your practice. Then focus on what will be most effective to get the practice you want. 

Key Business Strategist

We will help you spot and develop the right areas for growth. Whether you want to add new offices, new associates, expand your team or exit. 

Executive Coaching

Our clients realize that developing leadership skills in themselves and their staff builds the foundation of engagement, production, collection, and achieving goals. We work with both doctors and the team to build an extraordinary practice. 

Hygiene Mastery

Consult with the industry’s top Hygiene Mastery coaches in the country to optimize and tighten your hygiene department.

If there’s room to improve we will inform you. If not we will let you know. Either way you are in charge.

Hygiene Mastery breaks down the patient visits and finds where you are leaking cash.

Our Hygiene Mastery people are clincal experts (RDHs) and business process experts.

They live and breath optimizing Hygiene departments and processes every day.

Contact Shannon Richkowski 
to learn more.

Merger, Acquisitions, Transitions

No matter where you are in your practice business lifecycle you will hit a transition point.

  • Buy a new practice
  • Mergers
  • Acquisition of additional practices
  • Joint Ventures
  • Partnerships
  • Transition

Each transition point will require planning and experts to help make it profitable for you. 

Let’s talk about your plans.

Learn more in link below or contact 

Phil Bride


Laser Mastery

Learn how to take full advantage of the future of dentistry with laser technology.

Whether you use lasers now or haven’t yet made that jump. Patients want the benefits of less pain, less fear, faster healing.

This program helps you …
– Create more production per doctor hour
– Resulting in happier patients willing to participate in treatment.

It’s time to second a look at lasers. They do now deliver on promises of short learning curve, and less pain for patients.

Contact Phil Bride, to learn more.

Fortune 50

Invitation-only group of top dental doctors from around the country to participate in in building their practices.

They meet 2x a year with industry experts to share best practices, mastermind new approaches, solve issues faced. 

Must be a Fortune Client who has completed the business and leadership training prior to participating.

Contact Phil Bride to learn more.  


Phil Bride has proven to be an invaluable business coach. Through Phil, I have learned better business practices in managing my business, and have been able to establish repeatable business processes.

Denise B., President, Owner. 

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