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Step up. Create the practice you want with a dental coach.

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What’s your Business Planning like?

  1. What do you like about your scheduling efforts now?  What could improve?
  2. What works with your hygiene department? What could improve?
  3. How do your business metrics compare to other practices like yours?
  4. What is communication and delegation like in your practice?
  5. How are your CEO & Leadership skills?

Who do you rely on to work through the issues that come up in the 5 business engines that every business deals with?

Are you reaching the potential you imagined for yourself?

As dental coaches we walk shoulder to shoulder with you.

We coach you with the 3 roles you are in as a practice owner: CEO, Leader, Clinical Director.

  • Teamwork, communication, delegation and accountability issues.
    • Protocols and processes improvements:  hygiene, scheduling to goal, recare effectiveness rates, front office processes, collections, treatment enrollment, patient WOW experiences.
    • At the strategic level with investments in associates, hygienists, dental assistants, front office, new equipment and software, expansion, and M&A and transitions.

    All with a return on investment or else it doesn’t make sense.

    Talk to us about our “90-day Practice Recovery accleration program.”

    Don’t Settle For Less

    Our Services

    As dental coaches and dental consultants, we are on a mission to turn every independent dental practice into a masterful business of teamwork, leadership, and process excellence. Turning an excellent job into a value-packed business for the owners and team members.

    Dental Coaches optimize all 5 business engines

    We work with dental practices to improve all 5 of the business engines that drive their practice.

    • Financial
    • Organizational & Processes
    • Teams & People
    • Clinical & Technology
    • Sales & Marketing.

    We bring expertise and experience in the right areas to insure you get the improvements in your practice to achieve the goals you want, while working smarter and not harder.

    Practice Management Specialist

    We analyze the various engines in your practice. Then focus on what will be most effective to get the practice you want. 

    Key Business Strategist

    We will help you spot and develop the right areas for growth. Whether you want to add new offices, new associates, expand your team or exit. 

    Executive Coaching

    Our clients realize that developing leadership skills in themselves and their staff builds the foundation of engagement, production, collection, and achieving goals. We work with both doctors and the team to build an extraordinary practice. 


    Phil Bride has proven to be an invaluable business coach. Through Phil, I have learned better business practices in managing my business, and have been able to establish repeatable business processes.

    Denise B., President, Owner. 

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