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Phil Bride, Managing Partner, Executive Coach

Business coaching takes on many forms. Executive Coaches, life coaches, marketing coaches, sales coaches, even accountants, bookkeepers and financial planners call themselves coaches. Today everyone is a coach.

At Fortune management we take pride in our Executive Coaching programs and expertise. We work hard to develop our craft. Our craft is well defined with expertise, knowledge, and programs. We practice what we preach or we don’t teach it.

So what exactly is a Fortune coach?

A Fortune coach brings to each practice expertise in three roles:  Practice management specialist, Strategic planning advisor, and an Executive coach.

Practice management specialist.

In this role Fortune coaches’ expertise in the Five Business Engines of a practice help drive the operations of the practive to higher production at more profitability. The coach does in-depth analysis of each of the five business engines to identify areas of improvement. This analysis is based on “the numbers” and compared to industry standards. The analysis continues throughout the engagement by managing to the numbers and goal driven schedules, production using industry best resources in BI (business intelligence) and reporting tools.

Strategic Planning Advisor

As a strategic planning Advisor, the Fortune coach guides the doctor and the practice into the best possible situations that lead to the vision and goals of the practice. The Fortune coach advises on debt structures, leasing approaches, hiring new associations and providers and when it makes the most sense to expand with new operatories, equipment, office space and staffing. The Fortune coach also advises on long term investments for the owner and the staff for personal wealth growth.

Executive Coach

In this role the Fortune coach guides the practice through building a WOW team for the practice. The Fortune coach imparts knowledge and skills of leadership into the practice doctor and owners in order for them to create leaders within their organization. It is about leaders developing leaders. The basic skills involved include leadership, communication, teamwork, delegation and accountability and personal development.

To wrap up …

A Fortune coach taps into these three roles as needed. They also have a depth of resources behind them in Fortune trainers with specialized expertise, alliance partners with industry equipment and services leaders, and nationally known business experts like Fred Joyal and Tony Robbins.

Fortune Practice Management makes the commitment to help you identify and reach your goals with expertise and professionalism in every engagement.

You are making an excellent choice with Fortune Practice Management.

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