In Becoming Remarkable, Fred Joyal, founder of 1-800-DENTIST, outlines what patients like and don’t like when they walk into a practice.

Even if you are doing everytBecoming Remarkable, Fred Joyalhing extremely well, it could be time to tune up and see where things are not quite as sharp as they could be.

As you know, all practices and businesses for that matter, require constant tuning to keep the team sharp, the business sharp and profitability at the right level.

The technology, the market, the patient base are not static and neither should be your business.

So, what do patients want?

Are you doing what matters most to your patients? It all starts with knowing what they want.

Here’s Joyal’s list of what they want

  1. Clear, honest conversation about cost. Even if it’s expensive they want to know.
  2. They want what they want. Learn what’s most important to them.
  3. Convenience of location, hours, procedures.
  4. Insurance coverage and financing of their treatment plan.

What they don’t want

  1. Radiation
  2. Impression materials. Right up there with shots and drilling they don’t like impressions.
  3. Mercury. Heavy metal toxicity is not welcome.
  4. Lack of cleanliness. Patients are concerned with infection caused by visiting medical facilities whether they say so or not. Iatrogenesis (caused by hospital visit itself) is the leading cause of hospital deaths.
  5. Poor time management. If you are off schedule find out why and fix it. It grates on patients and they do eventually start talking.

This can easily start your list to increase awareness. You may add items to your list. The important part is to listen and be aware of patients want and what irritates them.

Give them what they want and they’ll be back for that perfect treamment plan.