There are some things to consider during this down time.

Assuming you’ve got plan of action in place already for your team and patients. And have patients rescheduled to when you reopen. 

Imagine, coming out of this with a clear plan that propels you, your team, your patients forward in the new reality that will emerge.

What would that be like?

Some things to consider …

1. How strong is your culture, team work?  That works together watches out for each other and solves issues without your direct intervention.

2. How strong are your financials? Is your recare effectiveness at or above national averages?  What are your AR metrics, loan rates? Are they acceptable and how do you know for sure?

3. What are you planning for ramping back up for outreach to patients?  To get them back on recare and perio schedules.

4. What can you do to sharpen up your hygiene, scheduling, acceptance rates?

Over the next 2-3 weeks is the time to plan.  For now, take a breath now, take care of immediate business with team members, staff, then dive into it.

Your patients and your team will be watching to see who steps up and who doesn’t.

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Being a CEO

Doing your job as a dental practice owner

What exactly does that mean, “Doing your job as a dental practice owner?”

Like any small business owner, the number one item is to be excellent at your craft. Especially for the owner when the company is small.

Being an excellent Clinician.

That is the foundation. Knowing your craft, hiring the best clinicians to work for you, having the best and latest technology, knowing the best techniques and practices.

And yet, there’s so much more as business owners who want to build value in their business.

The value maybe for retirement, a sale, a merger or any of a number of transitions a dental practice would go through. All requiring building value in the business and 2 other roles to adopt.