Dental practices would be well-served to ask themselves, “How to avoid the 2020 hygiene disaster?”

It’s a matter of being caught flat-footed or being prepared.

Most dental practices proactively pre-appoint their hygiene patients for their next visit. For healthy patients, that means six months from now and for perio patients, 3 months from now. Let’s think about this for a minute. If you were not seeing hygiene patients from March 16 to May 3 or later, you will see a huge gap in your hygiene schedule from September 16 to around December 8.

The graph below (compliments of Dental Intel) shows 2020 scheduled hygiene production for eight-thousand dental practices across the US. You will see the dip in March, April, and May due to the shutdown. You will see the potential gap in October, November, and even December.



I emphasize potential because you can avoid this gap completely by reactivating your hygiene patients and pre-appointing your patients based on what they need (not based on a standard schedule).

At Fortune, we developed a “Hygiene Opportunity Monitor” that you can use to know your exact situation.

You can contact me at to get a copy (it’s free).

Or download the complimentary monitor now >>


Then, ask your Scheduling Coordinator to complete the monitor weekly.

You are welcome to reach out to us anytime. We are happy to help you.

Happy Scheduling!


Phil Bride, Managing Director, Fortune Management SW WA / OR


Reference:  Don Khouri, Fortune Management NE; Dental Intel.