You are educated, experienced, and ready to set out and open your own dental practice. 








Or maybe, you’ve owned your practice for years and you’ve noticed business slowing or plateauing, or some organization or leadership issues are emerging. 




Either way, owning a dental practice comes with many trials and tribulations. However, you don’t have to do it alone.




Hiring an experienced dental practice coach can be the difference between a good practice and a great practice. It allows you and your team to become the edge in the market to create the practice you want most. It allows you to spend more time focusing your expertise on your patients.  Let’s break it down:






Why dental executive coaching?


We believe deeply that business ownership is where success in life can be best experienced. It builds an extraordinary environment to achieve success in life: personally, financially, and professionally.


In the process, the doctor, the team and the coach together build an awesome environment to grow, change and accomplish what they want. This happens from the operatory to the front desk, from the patient wow experience to each team member’s experience, professionally and personally.


We also believe leadership is crucial in successful business ownership. Luckily, it is a skill that can be learned and developed so engagement, accountability, resourcefulness, teamwork happen smoothly without constant oversight.  And use best practices in each of the five business engines of running a practice, The practice becomes team-driven with less stress on everyone.



What Does a Dental Coach Do?




A dental coach assists you with running and improving your practice in several areas. As an Executive coach, a practice management specialist, and strategic advisor. 




Dental executive coaching is all about developing leadership skills to turn the business into a team-driven business, so the doctor isn’t the whole business: 




  • The head game in business, that is, personal and leadership development (just like in high performance sports), 
  • People development skills, 
  • Communication skills (there are 5 basic skills that must be mastered to high skill level), 
  • Delegation skills, 
  • The must-have decision framework without which accountability drops off fast,
  • And of course, tuning up business processes and laying out strategic direction.




We assist dental practices in improving the five major business engines that determine the success of their practice: financial, organizational and processes, teams and people, clinical and technology, and sales and marketing. 




We offer practice management, business strategy, and executive coaching. All aspects of your dental practice will be optimized by an executive dental coach. Many management consulting companies or even accountants claim to be able to manage the business effectively, but only dental coaching hits all these important areas to fully set your practice up for success.




Do I Really Need a Dental Coach?




Business and leadership are skills that need to be consistently developed. A great athlete does not enter a game without practice. Under the guidance of an expert coach, he practices, performs, and consistently works on his skills. This is how he goes from a good athlete, to an expert, high-performance athlete.




The same principle applies to running and leading a business. 




Like an athlete, running a business requires expert coaching, consistent practice, and development and upkeep of skills. An executive coach will give you the knowledge and skills necessary, and make sure you are constantly keeping up with them. 




Business is a skill that can be very costly if done at poor skill level. 




Leadership is a skill that can cost lots of turnover, poor employee engagement, unhappiness resulting in making or breaking patients’ return visits and whether the business thrives or survives. 




Do not risk your business by “winging it.”




As a business owner, you are the CEO also. Below is a study showing what CEOs believe need improvement in their business, versus how many are doing something to improve it.







The results have been proven. According to numerous studies, executive coaching brings businesses to a whole new level. In fact, Fortune 500 companies have executive leadership coaches in the C-suite. Where management consulting can get single and maybe double-digit increases, executive leadership coaching can get higher double-digit returns regularly.




Businesses experience … 





Complimentary Practice Analysis Delivered to You. (Normally a $2500 value)




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