Being in the dental world as a dentist can be challenging and difficult even for those who recently graduated from dental school or have years of experience in the industry. Those who own their own dental business are also no strangers to having to endure challenges in the form of a slow business period or dysfunction within the workplace. To negate these issues within the dental industry, Dental coaches are as relevant as ever in 2021. Dental coaches have hands-on experience, a vast amount of knowledge, and can help take your dental game to the next level.

Coaching Matters

If you played sports growing up, or watch sports games regularly on television, you know just how important having good coaching is. In dentistry, having a good coach can leave a significant imprint on your dental career and practice. Coaches build accountability for an individual’s growth and performance and the team’s. Dental coaches make sure you and your dental practice reach its full potential by tuning up areas that may need it and then doubling down on your strengths.

A Dental coach can:

  • Help you achieve your untapped potential.
  • Share valuable knowledge within the dental industry.
  • Teach you effective communication and delegation/accountability skills
  • Help create a better work environment for all employees by getting even more engaged.
  • Inspire and empower you to new levels of leadership.

Sometimes, no matter how much experience or think we know in a respective field, we need a coach to motivate us and push us to be the absolute best.

Is a Dental coach for me?

Great athletes and great actors still need coaches. If you believe you are a good dentist or have a good dental practice, do not settle for good. Let a dental coach help you achieve greatness. The qualities that come with dental coaching will make you a much better dentist. Running and leading a business is no easy task. Many business are not run properly and do not optimize their profitability. Ensure your business is at the top of its game by letting a dental coach guide you. The guidance a dental coach can provide is invaluable and a game changer.

What’s the difference between a dental coach and a dental consultant?

How are they different?

  • Dental consultants do a deep dive in one or two areas in the business. They are akin to hired experts to be “part of the team” for awhile. They have specialized expertise, like an accountant, or lawyer. They actively do part of the work on the team. They “fill in” a gap in skills of the team to make the team more productive.


  • A dental coach / executive coach builds leadership and accountability skills with the doctor and the team. The focus is leadership at all levels. Teamwork grows such that problems and issues are handled more often on the fly. Challenging enrollment, scheduling, collection, patient flow issues are more often resolved by the team. Dental coaching is an executive role that partners with the doctor and the team to build a highly productive and valuable practice.

Professional Dental Coaching

At Fortune Management, we believe extraordinary practice leads to an extraordinary life. Our executive leadership coaching, practice management, and strategic planning will help you execute your desires. The dental coaching and expertise we provide improves not only your personal development, it develops you professionally as well. If you are ready to take your business and leadership skills to the next level, get in touch and contact our passionate team.