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Phil Bride

Why We Do What We Do

Phil Bride says, “We believe that small business ownership is where success in life can be best experienced.”

 A safe harbor to reset, build our future.

To Grow – Change – Accomplish

“It’s about the Journey” -Phil Bride

Participating in small business becomes a Journey of a lifetime

  • It’s about thriving through small business ownership.
  • It’s about a journey of personal development, professional development
  • It’s about constant and neverending improvements
  • It’s about building a thriving business and not just a great J-O-B.

We do this through

  1. executive leadership coaching,
  2. practice management optimization, and
  3. strategic planning and execution.


  • For you personally
  • For your whole team.
  • Across the 5 business engines

Our Values

  1.     Build value in clients and ourselves.
  2.     Grow into next stages of growth professionally and personally.
  3.     Create wealth in the business, for doctors, owners, and their teams.
  4.     Look out for each other, our clients, our team’s, our patient’s best interests.
  5.     Learn and Automate where and how we can. 
  6.     Communicate clearly, cleanly, with empathy and often. 
  7.     Think about it. Talk about it. Do it.

What Phil Bride and the Team Believe

 We believe small businesses are where success in life can be best experienced.

  •       Where personal and professional growth occurs.
  •       Presses us to accept our Strengths, Weaknesses, Talents, Blind Spots.
  •       Forces us to learn to work with our and our team’s S-W-T-BLSP
  •       Pushes us to grow in ways we didn’t imagine (much like having a family!)
  •       Pushes us to accept ourselves as leaders.
  •       Teaches us to “think and act outside our comfort zone.”
  •       Teaches us to think in terms of constant improvement.

We believe Leadership & Culture are the core of success

  •       Leadership is the core of everything that is worthwhile

o   Servant leadership drives growth. Helps people become their best.

o   You either grow or die … there is no steady state. 

o   There are breaks, seasons, failures, successes.  Patience smooths the ride.

Constant improvement is crucial… especially the small steps.

  •       Culture makes life and work worth it and fun.

o   Culture is how we experience good leadership and poor leadership

o   Culture is “The way we do things around here.” 

o   Culture reflects the rules of the group. 

  •       Leadership drives culture.

o   Culture makes things work to the degree of its strength: budgets, scheduling, enrollment, patient wow experience, marketing, team meetings.

o   Culture drives accountability, delegation, decision making, project management, and creating team-driven practices. It also reduces where practice leak profits. See article, “If your Portland Vancouver dental practice leaks profits …” for affects team driven efforts have on profitability. 

  •       Leadership is a skill, skills can be learned.

o   Skill development in leadership and culture is like any other skill. You learn the basic skills then the “plays” just like in sports.

o   Skills follow a step function with dips.

o   People give up on the steps and dips.

We believe people’s mindsets propel the direction of the practice.

  •       Ours and our team’s mindsets
  •       Whether the practice is profitable, struggling, fun, drudgery, on-time, always running late, it is all fueled by the mindsets of the team.
  •       With the right mindset, attitudes, and basic capabilities any process can be tackled.

We believe Processes, tactics, and skills can be learned. Attitude cannot.

  • Patient experience, scheduling, enrollment, collection, treatment presentation, are all skills that can be learned.
  •   Developing and automating processes forms a critical piece of continual improvement. Adopting and integrating new technologies builds efficiencies.

We believe a solid understanding of leadership and business skills is crucial for the owner.

  • Learning and mastering the 12 skills of leadership makes for an excellent Practice owner..
  • Adopting a CEO mindset of servant leadership is crucial.
  • Learning the fundamentals of business metrics, financials, and KPIs for accountability and delegation is simply good sense.

About Our Business

Phil Bride, Managing Partner, Business Coach

At Fortune Management SW Washington & Oregon, our goal is to provide effective and sustainable strategies to bring your dental practice to the next level. We combine executive coaching, leadership,  strategic direction, and focus on optimizing all 5 business engines. 

When you own your own dental practice, do yourself a favor and do not manage it without a strategic approach. Fortune Management is a national organization withover 30 years of experience guiding dental practice owners on their practice ownership journey. There are thousands of dental professionals working with Fortune Management today. Phil Bride brings over 30 years managing small businesses into stable growth. 


About The Owner, Phil Bride

Meet the owner, managing partner, and executive coach Phil Bride.

Phil is deeply experienced in building successful teams and organizations. With over 30 years of business growth and development experience, Phil guides teams through next stages of their business journey.


Prior to joining the Fortune Management team, Phil Bride built and managed multiple companies from the ground up. He owns a consulting firm, Fortune Management SW Washington Oregon, that specializes in assisting practices throughout their growth journey. Phil’s coaching approach utilizes business skill development, tracking progress, guiding strategic directions, team training and executive coaching to help business owners develop, focus on, and accomplish worthy goals.


Phil Bride earned a Master of Business and Bachelor of Science from University of Portland. He was previously the president of international business intelligence company JRI that provided KPI tools for developing businesses. He has also developed teams in the US, CA, EU, and APAC. He is certified in professional assessments (DISC, AI).


Phil’s years of experience and approach to coaching teams has created environments of growth in his clients. He focuses on the continued growth and improvements of all 5 business engines in a dental practice. 

Contact Phil Bride today to get started.

Learn more about Phil in his LinkedIn page, Facebook Page, “The Executive Experience NW”

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