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If your Portland Vancouver dental practice leaks profits …

The big question to ask becomes, “How do you know how much your Portland Vancouver dental practice leaks profits?” Practices suffer from leaky profits. No practice is immune. Focus on the following and you’re sure to get some benefits [ . . . ]

How do I start a Dental Practice?

Buying and starting a dental practice is a great idea if you are passionate towards the dental world. Being a boss and running a business you truly care about can make it all worth it. Want to own or run a dental practice but do not know where to start? You have come...

How Dental Coaching can Impact Your Life

No matter how good at something we are, we can always be better. Dental coaching can always help anyone in the field of dentistry, regardless of your education status or experience. In sports, even the best athletes and players still get coached up, and the same...
Running a practice — It’s a business affair

Running a practice — It’s a business affair

Like every business out there, running a practice is a business affair. Business enginess drive the level of success and stress of the dental practice. Managing, leading, ignoring? The question becomes, "How well are you leading your team to manage those business...

What patients want — Fred Joyal

In Becoming Remarkable, Fred Joyal, founder of 1-800-DENTIST, outlines what patients like and don't like when they walk into a practice. Even if you are doing everything extremely well, it could be time to tune up and see where things are not quite as sharp as they...

What is Fortune Coaching

Business coaching takes on many forms. Executive Coaches, life coaches, marketing coaches, sales coaches, even accountants, bookkeepers and financial planners call themselves coaches. Today everyone is a coach. At Fortune management we take pride in our Executive...

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